13. Products and Applications- AQA GCSE Graphics


Ergonomics, anthropometrics and fitness for purpos

  • Ergonomics-
    • The study of how products can be shaped and sized to work well with the human body.
  • Anthropometrics-
    • The study of the varying sizes of all the parts of a human body.
  • Fitness for purpose-
    • quality in terms of fulfilly a customer's requirements, needs or desires.
    • Anthropometric data often ignores the top and bottom 5%, which means that 95 percentile anthropometric data is used.
    • However, some ptoducts are targeted at specific groups, perhaps above average ones-such as shoes for basketball players.
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Product Lifecycle

  • When a product goes on sale, it goes through different stages:
  • Introduction to market
    • generally a period of slow sales as the new product is launched. Because of the high costs involved in development and advertising it, profits are small at this stage.
  • Growth
    • the popularity of the product increases and more people want to buy the product, which boosts profits.
  • Maturity
    • demand and profit for the product hits a peak as most of those who are going to buy the product already have done. By now, competitors will have launched their products, which affects sales.
  • Decline
    • a period when sales of the product begin to slow down and profits reduce.
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