GCSE AQA Graphic Products: Designers


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Maps & Product design

  • Schematic diagrams/maps:
    • Harry Beck- designed the London Underground map.
    • It is a non-geographical map; no indication of geographical information.
  • Product design:
    • Mass product production.
    • Company: Alessi.
    • Designer- Alberto Alessi.
    • E.g.: Philip Starkleman squeezer.
    • Italian products.
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Symbols, logos, pop-up books.

  • Symbol design:
    • Margaret Calvert.
    • Jock Kinnear.
    • All road signs were designed by them
  • Logo brands:
    • Wally Ollins, who designed the BT logo.
  • Pop-up book designer:
    • Robert Sabuda. 
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