AQA Graphic Products (Graphics) REVISION

The file is quite big because I've somehow managed to put EVERYTHING in it with a few pictures here and there. Please tell me if I've missed anything.

Resources: CGP revision guide, (it's a great website for technology) and the internet!

Update: It seems like most people found this useful! Well, I'm glad I could help! I spent ages trying to get the boxes in the right place, but when I downloaded the powerpoint from here, everything's out of place, and a few fonts are not the ones I used! :( I don't know how all that happened...but it's supposed to look better than this.. Anyway, good luck for your exams! I basically moved the information I could find onto this powerpoint xD I've finished GCSE now and got an A* overall! I just couldn't believe it!



Ambigha Krishnakumar


This is really useful but I'm just wondering if we need to know all of this, e.g. binding or fixing, because some of this stuff isn't in the AQA book. Thanks for sharing this though!



^^^ to answer your question yes you may need it. it could be one of those table questions (if you dont know what i mean look at a few past papers).


shut up



^Youre my role model