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Success of prop in winning youth?

  • Children and young people - generation loyal/strengthen racial purity/boys soliders/women home
  • Education (+) Curricula changed to Nazi ideology, teachers retrained. (-) Varied between schools/National Socialist Teachers League/established for Nazi elites but not popular w/ leaders/youth not barabarised/standards dropped/reversal of Uni policies
  • Hitler Youth (+) Popular underpriviliged/adventure/anti-intellectual nature/many believed through persecution Jews+Marxists could improve job opportunities/level of Prop w/ execution Russian prisoners/Propaganda races e.g. Slavs and Jews racially inferior worked (-) Some not changed by time in Hitler Youth/Compulsory = less popular/Gestapo special CC for rebellious youth/military drill boring/alternative groups - Edelweiss Pirates + Swing Youth
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Why promoted German League of Maidens

  • Female component til 18
  • Increase support amongst girls for Hitler and regime
  • Distinct difference in role of boys and girls
  • Girls taught to be homemakers - economic skills e.g. cooking and needlework
  • Taught to have as many racially pure children as possible
  • Bodies kept pure not drinking alcohol/smoking and healthy diet
  • Emphasis on exercise w/ concept of Volksgemeinschaft of class + regional divisions broken down
  • Some success
  • Not all supported anti-feminist and sexist aspects indoctrination
  • Some were members of Swing Youth and Edelweiss Pirates
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Why promoted membership youth groups 33+

  • Controlled youth = controlling future
  • Hitler Youth could indoctrinate children in principles National Socialism, particularly racial ideology
  • Enabled monitoring of young people and their parents views too. Cases of children informing on parents
  • Prepared boys and girls for future roles
  • Helped create Volksgemeinschaft - erode class and regional divisions/counteracted perceived harmful influences church/parents/other organisations - harmful political influences Socialism and Communism removed
  • Allowed people to enjoy themselves in country, particularly poor, wc
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