Youth culture

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  • Youth culture
    • Emergence of youth culture:
      • Earning potential: A state with nearly full employment
      • Changes in upbringing: too young to remember the struggles of the war and the affluent society meant teenagers no longer had to pay for their own expenses
      • Greater leisure time: technology provided more time for leisure such as shopping and music
      • Education: The 1944 Butlers Act made secondary school compulsory = higher aspirations and greater money when working
    • New youth culture: greater sexual freedom (contraceptive pill) Embracing of drugs (hippies) and increased involvement in politics (sit-ins as a result of nuclear weaponry)
    • Fashion: 50% of all women's clothing was sold to those under 18, 2,000 boutiques in London only and employed over 30,000 people.
      • What increase in fashion shows: affluent society, assertiveness of teenagers, changing roles of women, lack of sexual inhibition and developments in science (PVC)
    • Drug culture was as a result of the emergence of youth culture: Music a key element in youth made drug use the norm (hippies) such as the Beatles and Rolling stones


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