Education and Youth - Germany

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  • Education and Youth
    • Education
      • Curriculum changes
        • More time was given to PE because strength and fitness was important in creating soldiers
        • There was a focus on German and History because they emphasised nationalism and heroism
        • Biology reinforced Nazi genetics and the population policy. Religious Studies was dropped
        • There were schools to produce the Nazi elite: the Napolas (state boarding school run by the **); Adolf Hitler  schools run by the Hitler Youth; and Ordensburgen was a school designed to produce the future elite
      • The results
        • The Nazis opened few new schools
        • The anti-academic ethos resulted in a fall in standards and many professional classes sent their children to grammar schools
        • The number joining the teaching profession declined. Many didn't support Nazi ideology
      • Education
        • The Nazis wanted to use education to consolidate the Nazi system and indoctrinate the youth with Nazi ideals. Teachers had to reinforce these values
        • The education system changed: schools were centralised under the Reich Ministry of education, Culture and Science
        • "Unreliables" were removed from the education system
        • There were courses for non-Nazi teachers and head teachers had to be members of the Nazi Party
        • A National Socialist Teachers League was established and the curriculum changed
    • Hitler Youth
      • Youth and youth groups
        • The Nazis wanted to use the Hitler Youth to indoctrinate the young - the future of the party
        • Membership grew from 1 per cent in 1933 to 60 per cent in 1936 and became compulsory in 1939
        • Nazis dissolved all other youth groups except the Catholic Youth movement
        • Groups for ages 10-14 - Deutsches Jungvolk (German Young People) for males and Jungmandel bund (Young Girls League)
        • Groups for ages 14-18 - Hitlerjungend (Hitler Youth) for males and Bund Deutscher Madel (League of German Girls)
      • Activities
        • Boys' activities emphasised the role of a soldier
        • Girls were taught the roles of a mother and wife through domestic activities
        • The were both indoctrinated with German patriotism and achievements of Hitler were emphasised
        • Because of  war, youth groups were geared towards harvest and military training
      • Success?
        • The poorer people enjoyed the activities, howeverthe Hitler Youth lost some of its appeal when it became compulsory. Some disolusiioned members set up the Swing Youth and Edelweiss Pirates


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