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Youth culture…read more

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teens had very little economic freedom, independence, and input into decision making prior to WWII.
However, in the 1950's, Things were starting to change. In the 1950's, teenagers where more inclined and
encouraged to attend college, find a skill, and seek a successful career. Their parents had more than likely
gone through the depression and a number of wars, and now wanted something more for their children.
This resulted in teenagers receiving spending money and having more time to socialize with other
teenagers. Of course, this newly found independence would often result in conflict between the parents
and the child.
The media played on these emotions and often portrayed teenagers as juvenile delinquents.
Before the 1950's, teenagers listened to the music of their parents, but when rock and roll came on the
scene teens swarmed to it.
parents were opposed to rock and roll music, they despised it, and thought of it as corrupting their children.
This sometimes caused friction, it seemed as if teenagers were becoming more rebellious, defensive, and
at times, disrespectful, and that listening to rock and roll was the root cause of all this rebellion.
Later on this clash became known as the generation gap
Despite all of the uproar, teenagers in the 1950's played a huge part in the rise of rock and roll music.…read more

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During the 1950s many African Americans migrated into the urban cities for jobs,
which caused for African Americans and whites to be in close proximity to each
As they were close to each other their music and other things over lapped.
This over lap caused for the birth of Rock and Roll.
Some historic Rock and Roll artist like Elvis Presley, Fat Domino, Chuck Berry, and
Little Riche had a huge impact on shaping the way Rock and Roll is viewed today
The economic boom benefitted white teens as well as there parents ; teens had
expenses from ­ baby sitting , mowing the lawn and allowances
This meant they could afford clothing and records…read more

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Impact on parents
parents did not like Rock and Roll because they thought that it caused juvenile
At the time the music contained sexual connotation, this vulgarism and suggestive
choice of words made the teens want to listen to it more because their parents did
not approve and teens felt like they had something to belong to.
Parents feared that their children would start to act and dress like these
musicians. So, parents tried to ban Rock and Roll music from many radio stations
at the time.
parents thought Rock and Roll was a bad influence on their children. feared that
with increasing crime rates that their children would take up the acts of the
musicians they loved and the criminals.…read more

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Musical influence
Radios became portable meaning teens could listen to music anywhere at any
Rhythm and blues was the most popular music originating from African Americans
until Elvis Presley was found and names the `king of rock and roll'
1954 song ­ rock around the clock- became an immediate hit for the youth culture
and Americas culture itself
Elvis won may fans however , he had to go to war leaving America with a lot of time
and money
This lead to the introduction of the `film industry' the movies produced were directly
aimed for teens ­ gave them a ` new uniform ' ( usually leather jacket , jeans and a
shirt )…read more

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Key developments
Young people had more money and leisure time than ever before
American youngsters became more rebellious and immoral, and there was an
increase in crime. The behaviour of the young people shocked the adults and the
`generation gap' developed
The youth culture and American culture as a whole had risen from the introduced
of rock n roll
People had icons such as Elvis and Marilyn to look up too…read more

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