Sixties Britain Historical Interpretations

Sixties Britain (AQA) Historical Intepretations compilation

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Historical Interpretations
1960s Britain
Section 1 ­ The Political Framework, 1959-1964
The Age of Affluence
Lawrence Black-"The `age of affluence' had dawned"
The Establishment
Hugh Thomas-"The Establishment is the present-day institutional museum of Britain's past greatness"
Causes of Social and Cultural Change in the 1960s
The Consumer Revolution
Tony Judt-"People were able to gain access to an unprecedented range of products"
Tony Judt-"This was prosperity and consumption as a way of life"
The Expansion of the Mass Media
Mark Donnelly-"[Television] was the most important cultural transformation of the sixties"
The Growth in Leisure
Dominic Sandbrook-"The crowning glory of the affluent society was the car"
Changes in culture and society in the 1960s
Youth Culture
Bill Osgerby-"Teenagers were a class in themselves"
Arthur Marwick-"The central feature of the cultural revolution was the transformation of the popular music scene"
The Radicalism of Youth
Tony Judt-"Teenagers were the thin end on a revolutionary wedge"
The Liberal Society
Mark Donnelly-"A Permissive state is not necessarily the same as a Permissive Society"
Mark Donnelly-"People may have had more freedom in the sixties but they did not necessarily exercise that freedom"
The Government and the Modernisation of Society, 1964-1975
Labour and Conservative 1964-1975
Nick Tiratsoo-"Certainly, the Heath government can only be judged an abject failure"
Andrew Marr-"Mostly, Edward Heath was plain unlucky"
Widening Opportunities
Tony Judt-"The `comprehensivisation' of British secondary schools was the most socially retrograde piece of
legislation in post-war Britain
The Growth of Multiculturalism to 1975
Immigration and Settlement
Dominic Sandbrook-"The arrival of workers and families from the commonwealth left an indelible mark on British
Racial Controversy
Dominic Sandbrook- "[Powell] was motivated by his intense patriotism"
Dominic Sandbrook-"The easy assumption that Britishness itself was a matter of racial inheritance was no longer
acceptable in a multi-racial society"


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