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WJEC Religious Studies…read more

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· Select specialist language for the issue.
· Choose key terms that you need to
include.…read more

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What do you think and why?
· Ask yourself, `What is the statement
saying?' and, `What do I think about that?'
Then write down your own thinking about
the issue.
· Read it carefully, think about it sensibly,
and write your own thinking clearly.…read more

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Apply religious teaching or
· Show how religious teaching affects the
way you think, or give an example of
something that affects the answer you
have offered.
· Make sure the links between religious
beliefs, teachings and practice are clear.…read more

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What is another point of view?
· Think about other views ­ not necessarily
just the opposite view! Comment on them
sensitively, and acknowledge their
contribution to the debate about the issue;
show you understand the other view.
· Make sure you consider other views or
ideas clearly and sensitively.…read more

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Offer religious/moral teachings for
the other point of view.
· Make it clear how religious/moral
teachings also affect the alternative view
you have referred to. Show that alternative
views are also based on what those
people believe/value.
· Show clearly that religious beliefs,
teachings and practise affect the views
people have on the issue.…read more

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