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ICT Unit One

Ben Smith

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Chapters 1 & 2


(a) Data consists of raw facts and figures

(b) Data + meaning = information

(c) Knowledge is gained from information by collecting data

· 2

When a new pupil joins a school a form is filled in with all the details. The school…

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What are the four methods of data validation mentioned and what does each check?

Method Used for...
Range checks Making sure data falls within an acceptable
Presence checks Making sure no data is missing
Format checks Making sure data is the correct type & format
Check digits Extra calculated…

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Digital photography

· Digital cameras have different maximum image resolutions

· Lower resolutions take up less memory space but the quality is not as good

· Higher resolution cameras cost more take up more memory but the quality is better

Input & Output examples

Input Devices Output Devices
Digital camera…

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Music & Sound

· Ripping is the process of copying the contents of CDS or DVD'S on to the hard

· Musical instruments require MIDI to connect to a computer

Can be composed without the need for writing
down notes, done for you
Advantages of ICT Almost any kind…

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· 1 `Tom uses a WAP mobile phone to access the internet'

(a) Give two problems that may arise when using a mobile phone

Signal maybe lost making the phone useless, if used without hands free kit in car
they can become dangerous

(b) Give one advantage of using a…

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· Fibre optic cables do not become weaker over distance unlike
normal telephone connections

· They are generally faster than ASDL

Geographical information systems (GIS)

· A GIS uses a combination of hardware, software and data to
manage analyse and display geographical data


· Every website has…

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Chapter one Summary...

· Data consists of raw facts and figures

· computers process data to Produce information

· People use information to Produce knowledge

· Garbage in garbage out... If you give a computer incorrect data it will provide you with
incorrect information, leading to incorrect knowledge (cascading)


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Chapter 3 Summary...

· The internet is a global network of computers

· To use the internet you must subscribe to an internet service provider

· An internet browser is software which helps you explore the internet (E.g. google chrome,

· Ways of connecting to the internet: Dial up,…

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Distance learning: means of studying for a qualification at home.

Distance learning advantages:

Can be done in your own time and at your own speed

Learn from anywhere you want

A wide range of courses are available

Distance learning disadvantages

Problems or queries may arise and there will be no…





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