WJEC ICT - GCSE Unit 1 Exam Notes

These notes don't cover everything, Sorry!

However, the contents of the notes are based on recurring past-paper questions, so chances are most of this will come up in the exam.

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Unit 1 Exam Notes

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Uses of Software Types
Presentation Software
Database Software
Record Keeping
Data Logging Software
Counting the number of people through a turnstile
Email Software
Online Newsletters
Spreadsheet Software
Financial Records
Word Processing Software
Desktop Publishing (DTP) Software
Leaflets…read more

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Features of DTP Software
Font Styles (Bold, Italic, Underline)
Font Type
Font Size
Borders…read more

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Data, Information and Knowledge
Data Examples:
Information Examples:
11 players make up a football team
Knowledge Examples:
Your speed on the motorway is 100mph while the speed
limit is 70mph ­ this means you are breaking the law…read more

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There are health concerns from using it
It has a relatively small bandwidth
Wires are needed to connect devices
It can be used over long distances…read more

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Geographical Information Systems
Two uses of GIS is to find a route from one place to
another and to locate your current position…read more

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Broadband vs. Dial-up
Is always connected
Uses a higher bandwidth
Allows wireless connections to be used
Allows movies to be streamed over the internet
Allows VoIP software to be used (eg. Skype)
Allows you to use the telephone at the same time as you
are online
Is faster to download data
Requires to be connected via dialling a telephone number
Telephone cannot be used at the same time
Many internet applications cannot be used (eg.…read more

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Shopping Online
Can buy goods 24/7
Wider range of goods to choose from
Extra costs of postage and packaging
Not always delivered on time…read more

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Email 1 ­ Carbon Copying
A carbon copy is an extact duplicate of an email
message sent to more than one recipient at the same
An example use of sending a carbon copy message by a
teacher could be sending a lesson plan to another
teacher and CC'ing the Head of Department
An example use of sending a carbon copy message by a
student is to send their schoolwork as an attachment to
their teacher to be marked, and CC'ing a copy to their…read more

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Email 2 - Attachments
An attachment is a file sent to the recipient of an email
along with the message itself…read more


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