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Encoding data this simplifies the way in which
data is represented, e.g. M for male and F for
The time taken to find an item of data is known as Speed of access.
On storage devices such as memory sticks or external hardrive data can be retrieved almost
instantly, much quicker than that of manual methods such as looking through a phone book or
rooting through a filing cabinet of records.
The access time for RAM, or Random access memory is measured in nanoseconds.…read more

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Computer Simulations
What is a computer simulation?
A model of a real system
Examples are pilots in a flight simulator and lorry drivers in a driving simulator
File storage
When files are stored on a storage device, they have to be given a name, each file is also give a file
extension.…read more

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The details which will be saved with the file include: size of file, date and time the file was made and
the application it can be opened with.
Examples of file extensions...
Doc (a word document)
Xlsx (excel book)
PDF (portable document file)
Accdb (access database)
Data compression
Problems can arise when saving data...…read more

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Saving video files...
Video files can be compressed by converting them into files that compare one frame with the next
and only sending data about the changes between them. The standard format for a compressed
video is MPEG. Mp4.
Saving Folders...
Groups of files can be saved as a single compressed file, but it will need to be de compressed before
the files can be used. One method of compressing files is to zip them (the file extension is .…read more

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HTTPS' Hypertext transfer protocol over Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This means that the data is
`FTP' File transfer protocol, used for downloading files over the internet
After the type of resource, the URL consists of a unique address such as www.google.co.uk
Comparing Websites...…read more

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Examples of features used in presentations (e.g. PowerPoint):
Slide transition
Hotspot... an area on the screen that will respond to a click of the mouse button
Navigation Bookmarks... Links that are saved so that you can jump back to them any
time if the presentation is linked to the internet they can be urls to external slides or
pages (e.g.…read more

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Key word: Multimedia... When text, sound, images, animation and video are combined together to
give either;
1. A production such as
a slideshow
2. An interactive
production such as a
computer game or quiz
Multimedia Hardware...…read more

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Text Storage Techniques
· generally as either .doc or .docx
· .txt, this is a generic format which can be read by any text compatible programme
· Generally small file sizes
· American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII). where each character is changed to a number
Images Storage Techniques
· Bitmap (.bmp) where each pixel for the file is recorded
· Good quality images generally need to be compressed due to large file sizes into file types such as .jpg or .…read more

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Bitmap Graphics...
Made up of pixels (coloured squares(
The larger the dots the more pixels required to maintain quality
Sometimes known as raster images
Vector Graphics
Consist of mathematical equations that describe the relative distance of a point from the
point of origin
Components are described in length, thickness & colour
Vector Graphics are better than Bitmap because...
1. They can be enlarged without the quality being compromised
2. Less storage space required (smaller file size)
3.…read more


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