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Computer Systems: Components and
The Virtual Display Unit
What is the CPU and how does it work?
The main parts of a general purpose computer system.
Internal Memory
Secondary (or backing) storage
The difference between portable and desktop computers…read more

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Input and Output Devices
The Uses, Advantages and
The Uses, Advantages and
Disadvantages of the
Disadvantages of the following
following Output Devices:
Input Devices:
Monitor (Visual Display Unit)
Keyboards Laser Printer
Different types of Pointing Ink-jet Printer
Dot-matrix Printer
Video Digitiser
Digital Camera Speakers
Scanner Control Devices (lights, buzzers,
Magnetic Stripe reader robotic arms, motors)
Sound Sensor ­ Microphone
Midi Instrument…read more

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Storage Devices and Media
Difference between internal memory and backing
The Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages of:
Hard disks and drives
Floppy disks and drives
Digital Versatile Disks (DVD)
Storage used for making back-ups
The importance of back-ups…read more

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Sorting Data
Understand these different types of data:
Groups of data
Know the differences between:
A field
A record
A file…read more

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Introductory Communications
ISDN lines
Differences between Analogue and Digital communication
links (their uses, advantages and disadvantages)
User ids and passwords
The Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages of:
Computer networks
Facsimile (fax)
Electronic mail (e-mail)
Voice mail systems
Tele/video conferencing…read more

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Information Management: legal issues,
implications, health and safety
The Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1989
Anti-virus software
The social effects of ICT - the ways it has changed both in the
home and at work, advantages and disadvantages of ICT at
home and the way it affects everyday life.
What is the Internet?
Internet computer crime and data security
Health issues relating to prolonged use of ICT
Safety issues relating to the use of computers…read more

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