WJEC GCSE Biology 2 Respiration

written for the WJEC syllabus, but could probably be used for most exam boards

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Biology Revision Notes:
Aerobic Respiration (oxygen is needed):
6O2 + C6H12O6 Energy + 6CO2 + 6H2O
Oxygen + Glucose Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water
All the bonds in glucose are broken down to make the products. The energy is used for three things;
Growth, movement and all cellular activities.
Amoeba are small one-celled animals with a large surface area to allow oxygen to quickly diffuse into
their cell. They carry out aerobic respiration.
Anaerobic respiration (when oxygen is not present):
Anaerobic respiration takes place when the body cells run out of oxygen, for example,
during exercise.
Glucose Lactic Acid + Energy
The lactic acid produced builds up in the muscles, and remains in the cells until enough oxygen
is present to break it down.
The amount of oxygen needed to break down the lactic acid is called oxygen debt.
The oxygen then reacts with the lactic acid to break it down.
During anaerobic respiration, the glucose is not broken down properly and some energy
remains trapped in the lactic acid.
Yeast is an example of an organism which respires anaerobically.
Examples of experiments used to demonstrate respiration:

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