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Section A - Reading
Stick closely to the question.
Attempt answer using:
Point Make sure to
Evidence use lots of
Explain quotes and
Link…read more

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How does the extract...?
The only way a piece of text can persuade you
Emotive language,
Images (if any),
The style of text (bold, underlined..),
Imperative statements,
Rhetorical questions.…read more

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Comparing texts...
Look at similarities and differences between the
two. Look at:
The arguments
The style of language
How you react to each piece
Organisation and structure
Time they were written…read more

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General Reading Tips
5 mins reading. 10 mins per question. 5 mins
Keep to exactly what the question asks you!…read more

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Section B…read more

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it's ok i would


is this for the  9700 paper?

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