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English Revision
Module 2 Revision…read more

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Transactional Writing.
· Transactional writing is writing with a clear
sense of purpose, audience, and audience for
example a letter, a report or a leaflet.…read more

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Discursive Writing
· Discursive Writing focuses on argument,
opinion and discussion but often requires the
features of transactional writing too, for
example a newspaper article.…read more

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About Module 2
· The two forms overlap to such a great extent that both task in
module 2 could easily fit into both categories. You must always
think very carefully about the purpose and audience for you
· The quality of your writing is more important than the length of it.
· You will be assessed on your writing skills, including the
presentation of your work.
· Take special care with handwriting, spelling, punctuation, and
· Expect the tasks in this module to be "free standing". Try to write
your opinions down in a lively way. You may have a strong opinion
or your views may be mixed and undecided, but that doesn't
matter it's the quality and interest of your writing that counts.…read more

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Remember PAF
· P ­ Purpose
· A- Audience
· F ­ Form…read more

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· Reports should contain the following:
· Report heading (e.g. "Report on the eating habits of school
· The recipient of the report (e.g. "To the Board of Governors".)
· The sender of the report (e.g. "From a representative from
· An introduction.
· Subheadings.
· Impersonal style, (avoid the use of "I".)
· Bullet points, but not too many.
· Conclusions / Recommendations (i.e. suggestions for future
action.)…read more

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