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Paper 1 & 2
Higher…read more

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Paper 1
Paper 1 features:
2 sections:
Section A which contains four questions about a
unknown text.
Section B which contains two questions ­ one
description question and one writing question.…read more

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Paper 1-Section A
You should spend 55 minutes on section
A : 12 minutes on each question then 5
minutes for checking.
Read the question, highlight the
information you need in the text and use
Only use the text they tell you to: e.g. lines
Use the headings they give you to help you
answer it.…read more

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Paper 1 ­ Section B ­ Question
The first question will be a descriptive
question ­ you should spend about 25
minutes on it.
You do not tell a story, you describe, think about it
as if you have taken a picture and then describe
that, zooming in to add more detail. Add a new
paragraph every time you zoom in.
Use your senses to describe it, what you see,
hear, feel, smell and taste.…read more

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Paper 1 ­ Section B ­ Question 2
The second question is when you write a
story ­ you should spend 40 minutes on it.
This is a test of your writing, e.g. your spelling,
grammar and punctuation.
Try to use ; and :
You will get 5 headings ­ choose 1.
If it says `continue the following' make sure you
write what you are continuing.
If it says `Write a story which ends with' make
sure you end it with what it says.…read more

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Paper 2
Paper 2 contains two sections:
Section A which has four questions on a
unknown text/texts.
Section B which has two questions, one a
letter and one an article/review.…read more

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