GCSE English Language WJEC Specification

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Section A (20%) – Reading (40 marks)

This section will test through structured questions the reading of an unseen extract from one 20th century literary prose text (about 60-100 lines). This section assesses AO1, AO2 and AO4.

Section B (20%) – Prose Writing (40 marks)

This section will test creative prose writing through one 40-mark task. Candidates will be offered a choice of four titles giving opportunities for writing to describe and narrate, and imaginative and creative use of language. This response should be a narrative / recount.

Candidates who write purely descriptively, or use a form other than that specified, such as poetry or drama, will not be able to access the full mark range as shown in the assessment criteria. This section assesses AO5 and AO6.

Section A (30%) – Reading (40


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