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Wildfires Revision…read more

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Only right Dry land Sun dries vegetation Arson Up to 30% Military Train wheels
conditions Lightening South facing Major in Oz training Sparks
2009 Cigarettes
Small and die out slopes Campfires House chimneys Machinery
Material heated until faster on not out Accidents
burn without spark Natural slope
Human Slash and
Children matches Farming
Spontaneous Lots of plant winds help Concentrate
Heating material
Causes rays
Glass Uncontrolled
Warm and Little cool vegetation Leaf litter
humid Hot ash On prep and
air flow Fireproofing how to act Survival Geographical Information System (GIS)
Remove dead leaves Start Public Informed tips risk maps online Software/websites to
and branches controlled Recommend families make detailed inform public
Clearing burns evacuation plans Detailed forecast scenario software
Often by volunteer groups
Preparation to inform of safe evacuation routes
Prevention Action Let fire-fighters land or parachute
into inaccessible areas Airdrops when water/
Educate public Fire engines spray Helicopters have fire retardants released
Education Plan
foam and water large bucket to be
Aeroplanes and
Areas ahead also sprayed
Accessible areas filled form sea or lake Helicopters
Campaigns increase to stop spreading
awareness on how they start Severe fires Act as barrier
Response Trenches, cleared
Cartoon USA for 65 years Should eventually
Area ahead burn out areas
Burning crop debris CigaretteMandatory Many
disposal lives at controlled burn Fire lines/breaks
Smokey Bear Sometimes risk Backfire Quick Accessible
Posters, leaflets, Some areas enforced by clearance areas with Remove fuel like
Risk of bulldozer
advertisements DVD's + lesson arrest
becoming out dry grass, bushes,
plans to schools
Safe building and Reducing of control Often by hand with leaves, twigs
extinguishing of campfires vehicle sparks Pulaski (axe and hoe)…read more

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Raged for 3 days Arsonists started some 7 people arrested
Total of 42 fires
Facts Across
Southern and Strong winds fanned flames
Central Greece
110 villages Tinder dry forests after several months of no rain
At least 57 killed
2.5 million hectares Effects Greek Wildfires
farmland destroyed
Lots of pine forests and
olive groves destroyed
August 2007
Hundreds evacuated by Over 1000 soldiers assisted fire-
land and sea fighters and create fire lines
Planes dropped water onto fires Responses Police blocked roads to stop
people entering area
Fire-fighters and aircraft from 17 Government offered
countries Government declared compensation to all who lost
state of emergency relatives or property
Often combination causes- one started when Santa Most extreme when drought is accompanied by dry
Ana winds blew down electricity power lines, setting Santa Ana winds, blowing from desert areas,
dry vegetation alight. It raged for 9 days reaching up to 140km/h…read more


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