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Jack Walker

Drought revision notes

Causes ­ Natural
High air pressure Air sinks No condensation No clouds and
Land cool down quickly Air above it cools down quickly Air sinks
High air pressure
Equatorial low pressure belt fails to move north Rains fail for the
year Ethiopian drought


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Jack Walker

used to provide technical assistance, seeds and other important
resources for the 7 million farmers who grew practically all of the
country's food.

Effects (All secondary)
Almost 8 million people became famine victims during the drought
Roughly 1 million people died
Many people died from diarrhoea as they…

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Jack Walker

Built on the river bed during the dry season
Retain water during the wet season
Digging a small hole in the dam allows collection of the water

Crop rotation
Allows a variety of nutrients to be used and replaced so the soil
doesn't become infertile

Drought Resistant Crops…


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