Why Was There A Watergate Scandal ELLA HISTORY REV

Context, phases and impact of the Watergate Scandal for GCSE History Edexcel, Unit - USA A Divided Union

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USA ­ A Divided Union?

Why was there a Watergate scandal, and what impact did it have upon the presidency of Nixon
and upon US society?


In 1952 Richard Nixon was the Vice President to Eisenhower and was narrowly defeated by Kennedy in the
elections of 1960. After this…

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USA ­ A Divided Union?

In July 1973 The Senate subpoenaed (summoned to court) Nixon's secret tapes. After a long refusal Nixon
finally started to hand over edited sections of the tape in November 1973.

On the tapes Nixon appeared
Foul mouthed

The Senate finally threatened to…


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