Watergate Scandal

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  • Watergate Scandal
    • The Committee to Re-elect the President, abbreviated as CRP, later nicknamed CREEP, was a fund-raising organization for President Nixon's 1972 election campaign
    • "Dirty Tricks"
      • break-in to Nixon critic Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office, the FBI investigation of CBS reporter Daniel Schorr, and plans by G. Gordon Liddy to have newspaper columnist Jack Anderson assassinated.
      • CRP funds amounting to $500,000 were used to pay lawyer's fees for the five Watergate burglars. When discovered, this linked the crime back to the White House, igniting a huge political scandal.
    • June 17th 1972 security guard called police after finding tape on several door locks
      • Caught five men in office of Democratic National Comitty
        • Wire-tap phones and steal secret documents
          • All connected to the re-elect president comity
            • Arrested and charged for attempted bulgary  and attempting to bug phone lines
              • Each burglar had thousands of pounds in their pocket
    • Nixton tried to cover it up,"hush money" to pay FBI to stop investigating crime,destroyed evidence and fired uncooperative staff.
    • Nixton White House Tspes
      • system was made public during the televised testimony of White House aide Alexander Butterfield.
        • Showed evidence of Nixtons envolvement  in Watergate scandal


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