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Why did Obama win the 2012
presidential election?
By Jabeen Hussain
Barack Obama was re-elected
for a second term, beating rival
candidate Mitt Romney.…read more

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Electoral collage votes - Results
In an Electoral collage
vote the candidate
needed to win 270
votes in total.
This is calculated by
population size, if you
win the sate then you
win the electoral
collage votes.
Swing states were
one of the most
important factor in the
elections.…read more

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Why Romney lost overall?
The U.S economy started to show life. Latinos were alienated from Romney and
Housing ­ which had done nothing but drag his polices. Things were said about
the economy down, making Obama look bad ­
woman, that were insensitive, which did
however it all started to grow. Employment
grew enough to make dents in the jobless rate. not appeal to them.
The economy was Romney's key focus, The Republicans lost two safe senate seats,
which did win him most votes, but other when Todd Akin mouthed off about how
than that he had nothing to say. "Legitimate rape" could prevent pregnancy and
Richard Mourdock made a poor argument at
pregnancy from rape was God's plan. Both
saw their polls drop.
Hurricane Sandy meant that Romney only
had a 3 day campaign
Romney overall made some bad decisions in
his campaign.…read more

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NPC and Policies
51% thought it was
Obama maintained the economy from Polices are the most important factor George W. Bush's
peril, and if he stays in office the U.S in any election. While Obama fault for the economic
will make a full recovery. He stressed focused on healthcare, immigration, problems rather than
the fact that creating jobs is a process Romney focused on the Economy Obama.
that takes time, and he must be given and the budget deficit.
the chance to see out the rest of his
agenda. Speeches by his wife One policy from Obama, allows
Michelle and former President Bill young illegal immigrants, who were
Clinton were also highlights, seeking brought to the U.S, had a right to live
to emphasize the president's character and work, without the fear of being
and successes like healthcare reform deported.
and the auto industry bailout.…read more

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America is an increasingly ethnically a disease Men and women split between the candidates: overall,
country, and that played a key role in Obama's 55% of women voted for Obama, 44% for Romney.
re-elections. The country's growing minority For men, 52% voted for Romney and 45% for Obama.
was the key to overcoming challenger
Romney's advantages among the whites.
Most votes came from the African American voters
Younger voters were a key part of Obama's with 93% Latinos also voted strongly for the
victory for a second time. 60% of voter were Democrats ­ 71% in total, which properly made a
aged 18 to 29 years voted for him. Obama difference in Colorado and Nevada. Latinos or
appealed to the middle class, homosexuals Hispanics made 10% of the total voters in the US.
and African ­ American voters
Hispanics ­ Including
stars like Actress
Eva Longoria ­
backed Obama…read more

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Ohio typically votes for the eventual But part of it is down to Ohio being
presidential winner. It has done so in 25 a battleground state - in other
of the past 27 elections since 1904, words, one of the few states that
missing only in 1944 when it went for could go either way. And it will
Republican Thomas Dewey over Franklin deliver the winner 18 valuable
Roosevelt and in 1960 when it went for electoral college votes.
Republican Richard Nixon over John
President Barack Obama's decision to
bail out the auto industry and revitalize
two of Ohio's biggest employers drove
him to victory in the crucial swing state.
59% of voters
favored the
bailout…read more

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