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How and why have US voters realigned over the last century? (10 marks)
Point Evidence Significance
Definition. Partisan identification is when voters feel particularly connected to a certain party for a long Partisan realignment is significant
period of time. because it shows that voters may
o In the 2012 Presidential election, 92% of Democrats voted for Obama and 93% of value short term (rational choice)
Republicans voted for Romney.…read more

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Assess the significance of race, religion, gender, age, income and region as factors explaining voting behaviour in
the USA. (30 marks)
Point Evidence
Race. White.
o Many white voters used to vote for the Democrats in the New Deal Coalition, however the Democrats' procivil rights platform
resulted in many whites moving to the Republicans due to their states' rights platform.
o In 2008, 90% of people who voted for John McCain were white.…read more

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In 1992, young voters were evenly divided between 46% for the Democrats and 47% for the Republicans, perhaps because they
grew up under Reagan when conservative ideas were most discussed and influential.
o The "Millennial Generation" grew up under Clinton when liberal ideas were more prominent.
Gender. Women are generally more supportive of government intervention in the economy, welfare and affirmative action.
Women are generally more supportive of liberal social policies and are against foreign military intervention.…read more

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Explain why the Hispanic vote is becoming more important in US elections. (10 marks)
Point Evidence Significance
Definition. Hispanic/Latino voters are often Spanishspeaking and Catholic, and Hispanic voters are significant because their
often include MexicanAmericans, CubanAmericans, population has increased from 43 million in 2000 to
ColumbianAmericans, DominicanAmericans, Puerto RicanAmericans 51 million in 2014 due to immigrant and birth rates,
and SpanishAmericans.…read more

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Explain the `gender gap' which exists in US voting behaviour. (10 marks)
Point Evidence Significance
Definition. Women are more likely to vote for the Democrats. The gender gap is significant because it means
o In 2012, 55% of women voted for Obama and 44% for Romney. that parties can target their messages to either
o Women tend to support the prochoice, proguncontrol, men or women in order to get more votes, for
anticapitalpunishment views of the Democrats.…read more

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Consider the importance of the "religious right" in US politics. (10 marks)
Point Evidence Significance
Definition. The "religious right" (also known as the Christian right) grew under the The religious right is significant because the
Reagan Republican Party in the 1980s. Constitution deliberately separated the state and
It is found in the "Bible Belt", which are the southeastern and southcentral the church , therefore it could be argued to go
states.…read more

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Assess the significance of election TV debates on voting behaviour. (30 marks)
Point Evidence Significance
Definition. Televised debates take place in presidential elections campaigns so that the candidates can TV debates are significant because
put forward their policies and personal qualities to the electorate of the whole country. they can test the candidates' ability
o The origin of debates between presidential candidates goes back to the debate to cope under pressure when they
between presidential candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in 1858.…read more

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Assess the significance of short term (rational choice) factors on voting behaviour. (30 marks)
Point Evidence Significanc Rebuttal
TV Debates. Reagan was 8% behind Carter in polls before the Show The "winners" in the debates often turn out to be "losers" in the
1980 presidential election debates, however candidates' election.
following the debates he was 3% ahead of Carter.…read more

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