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The Crisis
The Soviets start dismantling their missile
sites on October 28th 1962
The USA secretly agree to dismantle their
missile sites in Turkey & never invade
Communist Cuba…read more

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Who won? The Soviets
Cuba stayed Communist and well armed.
Khrushchev still had an ally in `Uncle Sam'
s backyard'
Khrushchev was seen as a peacemaker in
Soviet circles.
Khrushchev had made the US remove its
missiles from Turkey…read more

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Who won? The Americans.
Kennedy stopped missiles from being placed
on Cuba.
Kennedy had stood up to Khrushchev and
made him back down
Kennedy looked strong and decisive after
appearing weak after the Bay of Pigs…read more

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Who won? Planet Earth
Historians agree that the Cuban Missile
Crisis helped to start a new `Thaw' between
the Superpowers.
Both leaders had been really frightened at
how close they came to nuclear war and
were now prepared to take steps to reduce
tension between the superpowers…read more

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Both leaders agreed to sign a TEST BAN
TREATY. This stopped the testing of
Nuclear weapons…read more

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