who won the cuban misssile crisis?


on the one hand the USA won the cuban missile crisis as Kennedy came out of the crisis with a greatly improved repretation both in America and aound the world asto many he had made khrushchev back down. also kennedy stood up to the hardliners i his own goverment and critics of containment and did not listen to thoese pressuring him to invade cuba and used his own opinion in what to do. another reason the USA was succesful ws even after kennedy took no personal credit and said he respected khrushchev for acting in the best interest of man kind therefore again improving his repretation by looking like a humble peacemaker. even now kennedy is often remembered as the president who bought a 'thaw' to the cold war wich was always his aim and Cuba made this possiable.

however on the other hand the USA were not succesful in the cuban missile crisis because he had to make a compramise for the removal of missiles from cuba therfore removing his missiles from turkey wich he techniqully needed NATO approval to do so when he wanted noone to know and this was not public information at the time. also they USA were not succesful as there…


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