Cuban Missile Crisis

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  • The Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Why did Khrushchev put missiles on Cuba?
      • To bargain
      • To trap Kennedy
      • To defend Cuba
      • To get the upper hand I the arms race
      • To test Kennedy and the US
    • Kennedy's options
      • Do nothing
      • Invade Cuba
      • Start a war
      • Ask nicely
      • Naval Blockade
    • Who won?
      • Kennedy
        • Missiles removed from Cuba
        • Turkey deal kept quiet
        • Blockade worked
        • Proved he wasn't a weak leader
      • Khrushchev
        • Missiles removed from Turkey
        • Cuba was safe
        • He was seen as a peacemaker by the rest of the World
      • The World
        • 'Hotline' set up between Washington D.C and the Kremlin.
        • No nuclear war
        • Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed in 1963


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