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The February Revolution
The fall of the Tsar
By Mr Osborne…read more

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The impact of WWI
· Military Defeats
­ Russian army was big but poorly equipped
­ Lost two major battles in 1914
­ Caused loss of civilian and military morale
­ Tsar now held responsible for the defeats
as he had taken charge of the army…read more

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Criticism of the Tsar
Criticism if the
Poor military Tsarina
Inexperienced and
Poor political leader Impact of incompetent ruler
Left the Tsarina in WWI Under the
charge of the influence of
Refused to accept
Role of Rasputin Unpopular because
advice from the Duma
she was German
Claimed to be a
healer. Disliked by
many yet held
influence over both
the Tsar and Tsarina…read more

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Impact Impact
WWI Economic problems WWI
· Over 15 million men joined the army
· not enough workers in factories and farms
· caused shortages of food and materials
· Railway system very poor
­ could not supply the troops
­ could not supply the towns
­ food prices rose…read more

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Impact Impact
WWI Social discontent WWI
· Food shortages and price rises caused
widespread discontent
· The war had seen the population move from
the countryside to the cities
· The cities soon became overcrowded and
people lived in terrible conditions…read more

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Events of the Revolution
· Feb 22 20,000 steelworkers on strike
· Feb 23 Women take to the streets to
· Feb 25 Now over half of Petrograd is on
· Feb 26 Tsar orders troops to fire on crowds-
40 killed…read more

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