February Revolution

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  • February Revolution- March 1917
    • Weakness of Russia
      • War with japan
      • Out of date farming economy
      • USSR was beginning to industrialise
    • World War 1
      • The army was badly led and poorly equipped.
      • Russian defeats atTannenberg and Masurian Lakes – the Russians lost 200,000 men – lost the government the support of the army.
      • food shortages and food prices rose, all of which created anger and unrest in Petrograd
    • Tsar's Mistakes
      • The Tsar took personal command of the army  – which did not help the war effort and meant he was blamed for the defeats.
      • He left the Tsarina in charge.   She was incompetent (she letRasputin run the government), and (because she was a German) rumours circulated that she was trying to help Germany to win.
    • Army and the Duma abandoned the Tsar
      • On 13 March members of the Duma went to Nicholas to tell him to abdicate.
      • On 8 March 1917, there were riots in Petrograd about the food shortages and the war.


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