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Using Objectives
and Strategies…read more

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What are objectives?
Objectives are
statements of specific
outcomes that are to
be achieved…read more

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Where do objectives fit in?
The overall purpose of the
The overall aspiration of the
General statements of what
business intends to achieve
More precise & detailed
statements of the aims / goals…read more

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Corporate objectives
Corporate objectives
are those that relate to
the business as a
whole…read more

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The hierarchy of objectives
Market share of 12%
Sales per customer of £45
Shop sales of £500,000
Objectives…read more

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Key areas for corporate objectives
Area Examples
Market standing Market share, customer satisfaction, product range
Innovation New products, better processes, using technology
Productivity Optimum use of resources, focus on core activities
Physical & financial Factories, business locations, finance, supplies
Profitability Level of profit, rates of return on investment
Management Management structure; promotion & development
Employees Organisational structure; employee relations
Public responsibility Compliance with laws; social and ethical behaviour…read more

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