Using  objectives and strategies

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  • Using  objectives and strategies
    • Functional Objectives
      • a quantified statement of a department's goal which should enable it to contribute to the achievement of the business objective
      • Advantages
        • Untitleret
    • Corporate objective
      • a quantified statement of a business's goals which should be measurable
        • Advantages
          • senior executives can asses progress
            • they should be clear so all member in the organisation are aware of the business's goal in which it can be motivating for staff
              • ensures that  all decisions in the functional areas are based around on the goals of the whole organisation
          • Disadvantages
            • if they are not clear and measurable it can be demotivating for staff working towards these targets.
        • Examples of corporate objectives
          • Maximize return of profit
            • Growth
              • Survival
    • functional strategies


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