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Quality Of
Life…read more

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What is the Quality Of Life?
Quality of life Indicators
Quality of life development
Economic indicators of development
Examples of industry jobs
Industrial and economic growth
Comparing the UK with Burkina Faso Case Study
Important statistics for Case Study
South Korea
The End…read more

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Our aim was:
`to create a 10 minute PowerPoint
presentation teaching you about the Quality
of life'
We have tried our best to create this
presentation and try and teach you more
about the Quality of life than you already
We made our text as simple as possible for
you to understand, hence, by the end of this
presentation, you should hopefully have
learnt something new .…read more

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What is the quality of life?
· The quality of life refers to the living standard of a
· The quality of life can either be high or low.
· It is known that the quality of life is usually higher in
the MEDC's then the LEDC's, for several reasons.
How can we work out whether the quality of life is
high or low?
· Indicators are used to describe the economical and
social conditions of a country which can then
`indicate' to us whether the quality of life within that
country is high or low.
· Usually MEDC have a high standard and quality of
living whereas the LEDC are the opposite, they have
a low standard of living.…read more

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By looking at the map above we can see that the Northern countries
standard of living is higher then the Southern countries. The Southern
have a lower standard of living.…read more

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Geographers use statistical data or indicators to compare countries.
Below are some of the indicators used to compare countries.
Gross Domestic Product
This is a measure of the Electriity
value of work done in a Usage
country. By comparing the If more
GDP of a country, you can The more
countries use
tell which country is the number of
richest. people in a
electricity, they
Advantages: country who
·GDP also depends on
are more
have a
how developed the developed.
literacy rate,
country's industry is. This This compares
then that
gives a more useful countries too.
country is
Disadvantages: Population living in Urban more
·Wealth isn't even spread Properties developed.
evenly across the The countries with many people This
population so the GDP who live in Urban property such as compares
can be misleading flats and council houses are less countries.
because its only an
average.…read more

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