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Unit 4: Political and social tensions, 191929
Religion and belief
The impact of Prohibition
Tensions over race and immigration: why did the KKK enjoy a revival and
with what impact? Why did immigration become such a contentious
issue? Why was there a red scare?
Women's suffrage and its impact.


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o A man's wages, it was said, would be better spent on his family than
selfish and selfdestructive inebriation.
o Drink became associated with the waves of poorer immigrants that
flooded the US, especially the Irish.
o Many saw booze as a root cause of feckless behaviour as the enemy…

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o The law triggered a significant rise in organised crime with Chicago alone
experiencing at least 227 gangland murders.
o It can be argued that prohibition provided a major stimulus to gang
o The diversity of American society is reflected in the impact of prohibition.
o Rural areas often…

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o However, many of the immigrants served in the US forces during the war
and absorbed the prevailing patriotism.
o ^this could be seen as the Postwar Red Scare, triggered by the Russian
o Racial Prejudices became linked for some Americans to the fear that
immigrants from Southern and…

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o The evidence presented at the trial was dubious and the conduct of the
judge was criticised, by many even outside of the US.
o Evidence included: 14 year old boy as key witness said he did not see the
face of the fleeing figure but `could tell he was…

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o Heightened nationalism caused by the war also fed the growth of support
for the Klan.
o By 1921, 100,000 members and it had developed a structure which was
funded by subscription.
o The klan themselves forward as the defenders of the American way and
Simmons spoke of defending `Morality,…

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Women's Suffrage and the role of women in this period
o Women's suffrage= largely achieved as a result of WWI.

o 19th Amendment to the constitution was proposed in 1919 and ratified in
o Southern concerns that this might be a first step to greater rights for
blacks contributed…

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