Unit 3: Topic 14a Factors Influecncing Attitudes to Food - Key Terms

Key Terms for AQA A2 Psychology, Unit 3, Topic 14a Eating Behaviour - Factors Influecncing Attitudes to Food AND Eating Behaviour (Pg 164-170 AQA Psychology A)

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14 ­ Eating Behaviour
Factors Influencing Attitudes to Food & Eating
For A2 AQA Psychology A
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An amino acid found in food that is
essential to the production of the
neurotransmitter serotonin in the
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A brain neurotransmitter secreted by
neurones at the synapse and
thought to be important in
emotional states. Pathways using
serotonin are involved in
behavioural states such as sleep and
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Drugs such as heroin and morphine.
Also naturally occurring
neurotransmitters in the brain,
involved in feelings of pleasure and
also in pain reduction.
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An opiate neurotransmitter in the
brain. The release of enkephalin is
associated with feelings of pleasure
and euphoria.
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An opiate neurotransmitter in the
brain similar in action to enkephalin.
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