Unit 1 Questions

All of the exam questions from 2011 - 2013 and a table of topics

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Unit 1 Questions
2 Marks
June 2013 ­ Explain what is meant by `informal providers of welfare'
January 2013 ­ Explain what is meant by `dependency culture'
June 2012 ­ Explain what is meant by `subjective' poverty
January 2011 ­ Explain what is meant by `social exclusion'
4 Marks
June 2013 ­ Suggest two disadvantages of means- tested benefits
January 2013 ­ Suggest two functions of poverty
June 2012 ­ Suggest two reasons why older people are more likely to experience poverty
January 2012 ­ Suggest two ways in which wealthy individuals are able to remain wealthy
January 2012 ­ Suggest two problems of measuring wealth
January 2012 ­ Suggest two criticisms of the concept of relative poverty
June 2011 ­ Suggest two advantages of welfare provision by voluntary groups
June 2011 ­ Explain the difference between income and wealth
June 2011 ­ Suggest two advantages of welfare benefits being universal, rather than selective
January 2011 ­ Identify two characteristics of the `culture of poverty'
6 Marks
June 2013 ­ Identify three ways in which poverty may be passed on to the next generation
January 2013 ­ Identify three criticisms made of welfare services provided by private and/ or
voluntary organisations
June 2012 ­ Suggest three policies that governments might use to reduce differences in living
standards between rich and poor
January 2011 - Suggest three reasons why people with disabilities may be more likely than other
social groups to experience poverty
Lucia Incerti

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June 2013 ­ Examine the problems of defining and measuring poverty
June 2013 ­ Assess the reasons for the widening gap between rich and poor in the UK
January 2013 ­ Examine the role of the welfare state in reducing poverty
January 2013 ­ Assess sociological explanations for the distribution of poverty among different
social groups in the UK
June 2012 ­ Examine the contribution of different types of welfare provider to meeting people's
welfare needs
June 2012 ­ Assess the view that poverty…read more

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Definitio Provider Wealt At risk Existence Univers Competin
ns and s of h and groups and al vs.…read more

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June 2013 June June Januar January January January
Mark January 2012 2013 y 2012 2013 2012 2013
s 2011 June June 2012
2011 June 2011
Lucia Incerti…read more


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