Changes in family structures

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Sociological theme: Changing family structure
Data source:
Key skills:
Application of number
Sociological skill:
Interpreting data
Conducting research
Households & families
Marriages and divorces, United Kingdom
The proportion of children living in loneparent families in Great Britain more than
tripled between 1972 and spring 2004, to 24 per cent.
In 2003/04, one in six adults aged 16 and over lived alone in Great Britain.
In spring 2004, 58 per cent of young men (aged 20 to 24), and 39 per cent of young
women of the same age lived at home with their parents in England.
There were 306,000 marriages in the United Kingdom in 2003. This was the second
successive annual rise but was still 36 per cent below the 1972 peak.
The number of divorces in the United Kingdom rose for the third successive year in
2003, to 167,000, but was still 7 per cent below the 1993 peak.
In 2003 there were 4,800 adoptions in England and Wales, less than one quarter of

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Questions: Knowledge and Interpretation
1. How many marriages were there in 1950?
2. In which year since 1950 was the number of marriages the highest?
3. What was the number of first marriages in 2000?
4. What difference is there between the number of marriages in 1950 and the
number of marriages in 2000? Take all factors shown on the graph into
5. What is a divorce?
6. What percentage of children lives in a lone parent family?
7.…read more

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Methodology problem
How could you design a reliable and valid research study into how young people feel
about marriage and divorce? What ethical and practical problems might you
experience?…read more


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