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Sociology Unit 2


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Sociology Unit 2 / Track8


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Types of Data

· Sociologists will use a wide
variety of data types in order to
get a result.
­ Qualitative Data
­ Quantitative Data
­ Primary Data
­ Secondary Data

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Qualitative Data

· This is data that has been
collected by open questions and
hold opinions and viewpoints.
· It is data that CAN NOT be
statistically analysis
· It is data that is used to get the
full picture on a subject
· It can be costly and can…

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Quantitative Data

· This is data that has been
collected by closed questions and
presents statistical answers
· It CAN be statistically analysed
· This data is used to locate trends
and general opinions
· It can be done with a LARGE
sample because it is CHEAP and

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Primary Data

· This is data that has been
collected by the researcher
· It is normally relevant to the
· It is more expensive and time

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Secondary Data

· This is data that has been
collected already (normally by the
· It can be less relevant to the study
· It is cheaper and faster

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Factors Influencing Choice
of study method
· Many factors will influence what
method a sociologist chooses to
do their research
­ Practical Issues
­ Ethical Issues
­ Theoretical Issues
­ Choice of Topic

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Practical Issues

· There are many practical issues that
surround doing a study
­ Time and money (Some methods can
­ Requirements of the Funding Bodies
(The people who fund the research will
want certain data)
­ Personal Skills and Characteristics
(Sociologists will have skills…

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Ethical Issues
· There is also ethical issues involved with
­ Informed Consent (Most research will
require the subjects to give consent)
­ Confidentiality and Privacy (All subjects
have these rights)
­ Effects on the research participants (this is
the psychological effects or other effects
that the research and…


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