Unit 1 Challenges for the planet, last min revision on all case studies, facts etc! THIS TOPIC YOU NEED TO KNOW!

A simple word doc on challenges for the planet, sorry I didn't send it in time fro those who did the exam yesterday!

Hope people doing the exam do great it is an easy paper ,but you need casestudies every 5th word!

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Preview of Unit 1 Challenges for the planet, last min revision on all case studies, facts etc! THIS TOPIC YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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Geo Skills & Challenges Part I
These changes occurred due to natural causes. Natural causes of climate change are grouped into
two categorises, internal and external factors.
External Factors Solar
Output: The amount of energy released from the sun changes over time. The concentration of
sunspots can indicate the amount of solar energy emitted. The more spots there are; the more
energy is given off and the warmer our climate is. (0.1% 1980's) Orbital
Patterns: The shape of the earth's orbit around the sun changes over time. It changes from being
virtually circular to being elliptical and back again every 95,000 years. Cold periods in our past
have tended to occur during periods of circular orbits.
Internal Factors Volcanic
Activity: Volcanic eruptions can release large quantities of ash into the atmosphere. This ash acts
like a blanket and blocks out the sun, reducing the amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth.
To confuse matters... volcanoes can also release massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the
atmosphere, leading to a rise in global temperatures.
Surface Reflection: Snow and ice reflect sunlight back to space. Cold periods often getter colder
as increased snowfall reflects more and more solar energy back to space.
China 75% of coal is used for energy production
CROP YEILDS CHANGING: Countries closer to the equator the more likely to suffer as crop
yields failing. Tanzania & Mozambique will have longer drought periods and shorter growing
seasons, meaning the could lose of its maize crop, the forecast in India there will be a 50%
decrease in the amount of land available to grow wheat, due to hotter drier weather.
Possible disadvantages of climate change for the UK

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A range of local actions has been taken by charities, councils and individuals to encourage us to
live more sustainably. These include:
School's: "Livesimply" is a campaign, which ran throughout 2007, initiated by the Catholic Church
to encourage students to consider their impact on the environment, world & sustainability. Many
schools are introducing: 1) energy efficient water 2) central heating system using renewable
sources like wind turbines. 3) Notices to switch off lights.
NGO (non-gov.…read more

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Nokia is trying to persuade people to hand in their old phones to recycling centres, because 100%
is recyclable
If every phone user recycled; 240,000 tonnes of raw materials would be saved
Nokia are promoting this in their stores and have a catchy jingle on their website, www.nokia.com
Ways gases have been dealt with in coal-fired power stations:
Carbon dioxide:
Capture from flue gases.…read more

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Mining in Brazil:
Carajas mining project uses wood from the forest to power it's pig iron plants resulting in 6100 km
deforestation annually,
Mercury is used in gold mining, and 90% of the fish caught in the River Tapajos is contaminated,
causing cancer and miscarriage among local tribes people
In the state of Roraima there have been conflicts with the Yanamamo Indians & gold prospectors.…read more

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Another good example of a government/private partnership effectively managing resource extraction is in Costa
Rica where the government has allowed Merck, an American pharmaceutical firm, to manage an area of forest
where plants used in medicines grow in return for a percentage of the profits made from any products sold.…read more


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wow.....this is seriously the BEST last min revision anyone could do......really really useful thanks so much...........wouldn't know what I would do wivout this.......... Salsa 

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