Unit 1 Challenges for the planet, last min revision on all case studies, facts etc! THIS TOPIC YOU NEED TO KNOW!

A simple word doc on challenges for the planet, sorry I didn't send it in time fro those who did the exam yesterday!

Hope people doing the exam do great it is an easy paper ,but you need casestudies every 5th word!

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Geo Skills & Challenges Part I
These changes occurred due to natural causes. Natural causes of climate change are grouped into
two categorises, internal and external factors.
External Factors Solar
Output: The amount of energy released from the sun changes over time. The concentration of
sunspots can indicate the amount…

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Possible disadvantages of climate change:

What can be done to reduce the threat of Climate Change?
Most world leaders now accept that climate change is a threat, and that something needs to be
done about it. It seems certain that responsibility for action will lie mainly with HICs as these…

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A range of local actions has been taken by charities, councils and individuals to encourage us to
live more sustainably. These include:
School's: "Livesimply" is a campaign, which ran throughout 2007, initiated by the Catholic Church
to encourage students to consider their impact on the environment, world…

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Nokia is trying to persuade people to hand in their old phones to recycling centres, because 100%
is recyclable
If every phone user recycled; 240,000 tonnes of raw materials would be saved
Nokia are promoting this in their stores and have a catchy jingle on their website, www.nokia.com

Ways gases…

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Mining in Brazil:
Carajas mining project uses wood from the forest to power it's pig iron plants resulting in 6100 km
deforestation annually,
Mercury is used in gold mining, and 90% of the fish caught in the River Tapajos is contaminated,
causing cancer and miscarriage among local tribes people

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give a percentage of any profits made from perfumes based on local plants to nearby villages to help finance for
public projects, such as new schools and health centres.
Another good example of a government/private partnership effectively managing resource extraction is in Costa
Rica where the government has allowed Merck,…


Salsabila Hussein


wow.....this is seriously the BEST last min revision anyone could do......really really useful thanks so much...........wouldn't know what I would do wivout this.......... Salsa 

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