Types of Development - Top-down & Bottom-up

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Types of Development - Top-down and Bottom-up 03 January 2012
To recognise and describe the difference between the top down and bottom up approach.
To explain a top down development scheme and know its advantages and disadvantages.
Top down ­ Government
Bottom up ­ Local People
Three Gorges Dam
(Top Down Development in China)
The Three Gorges Dam is located in Eastern China along the Yangtze River near the town of
Sandouping. The dam was built in order to create electricity and to store water for the
population, as it is undergoing urbanisation. The Chinese government was in charge of all the
decisions made, regarding the construction of the dam, due to the fact that it was a very
expensive project, which makes it a `Top down' development process.
Daniel Jones 11R

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Types of Development - Top-down and Bottom-up 03 January 2012
Environmental Social Economic
Advantages Disadvantages
Reduced flooding on Yangzee Very expensive
Hydro-power 100s of historic moments will be flooded
Job opportunities Some forced to leave their home town
Allow shipping above the Three Gorges Flooded 225 cultural/archeological sites
Supply water to other places The bed was not cleaned up, so toxic waste,
Increased amount of tourism litter, etc are a problem.
It is built in an earthquake zone.…read more


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