Case Study - India (NEE)


India as an NEE

  • Has the world's second largest population
  • British colony until 1947
  • Medium level of development - HDI = 0.61
  • Large inequalities - 20% population live in poverty, literacy rate below 70%
  • Exports services globally

Changing Industrial Structure

  • Primary industry employs 50% of the workforce and makes up 17% of the GDP.
  • Secondary industry employs 22% of the workforce.
  • Tertiary and Quaternary industries employ 29% of the workforce and makes up 53% of the GDP through IT firms and supplying services to foreign countries such as customer service centres.

India recieves different types of Aid

Long-term Aid:

  • Intended to close the development gap.
  • Until 2015, India recieved over £200m from the UK to tackle poverty.
  • The Impact can vary, and depends on levels of corruption.

Short-term Aid:


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