Anarchism: Definition of Key Terms by Roger Scruton

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A2 Government & Politics Anarchism
Key Words by Robert Scruton
Autonomy 1) Autonomy of the individual ­ Doctrine that the rational individual
may act as a law for himself; it is expected a rational individual will
not act purely on appetite and desire
2) Autonomy of the state ­ partly matter of power (whether it is
able to make and enforce own laws) and matter of recognised
3) Regional autonomy ­ by granting or recognising a power to make
laws to local bodies, a state confers or recognises regional
autonomy (decentralisation)
Utopianism 1) To make political recommendations in the form of an ideal without
examining the actual policies that might realise it.
2) To show what it would be like for an `ideal' to be realised
3) The construction of an ideal type of political arrangement
Mutualism System of voluntary association for the exchange of services in
which credit is offered at cost
Egoism View which either describe self-interest as the true principle of
morality or else recommend abolition of morality in favour of a lived
for self alone
Unit 3 ­ Introducing Political IdeologiesPage 1


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