Tsunami modifying event/loss/vulnerability

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(4)     National Public Radio (NPR)

(5)     http://inhabitat.com/gargantuan-floodgate-that-blocked-japanese-tsunami-elicits-waves-of-gratitude/

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Japan 2011 floodgate spared the GIS solutions helped officials make effective GIS supplied critical information to stakeholders, such as
- 16,000+ deaths lives of all but one of decisions more quickly e.g. where to build protection Japanese civilians, military, and the media outlets to inform
- £133bn costs Fudai's residents when infrastructure(1) the rest of the world to come to terms with the loss.(1)
- Nuclear power plant the tsunami struck (5)
sea walls ­ however 261 seismic stations are now in place, this is an Google person finder allowed people to reconnect after the
these were too low in increase of 40 warning systems (3) event (1)
this case
New `super' seawalls to be built, would stretch 230 Japanese government mobilised the Self-Defence Forces,
miles and cost nearly $8 billion. (4) while many countries sent search and rescue teams to help
locate survivors. (2)
Aid organisations both in Japan and worldwide also
responded, with the Japanese Red Cross reporting $1 billion
in donations. (2)
Indonesia National Tsunami Warning Focal Points (TWFPs) were The
TEREP will, aside from being able to accommodate
2004 - 18+ countries established, local authorities were trained in disaster more evacuees than most buildings, can also serve as a
affected management, which led to a higher awareness on the community park in the meantime. (7)
- 280,000+ deaths part of the people. (6)
- $10+ bn costs
- rupture 600 miles
Indonesian government placed fast growing trees and
mangroves on coastlines as forms of defences.
PROTECTS ­ initiative to ensure areas are protected
more; sandbags/evacuation drills etc. (9)
ADDITIONAL Warning systems put in place after Indonesian 30,000 were evacuated out of the 5km danger zone(8)
: Mount - volcano and Tsunami didn't work as the onset of the event was
Merapi 2010 earthquake within a too quick and close to land.(8)

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