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Explore the range of strategies used to manage tectonic hazards before, during, and after their occurrence.
Research contrasting examples of managing a range of primary and secondary tectonic hazards.
What are tectonic hazards? A tectonic hazard is a naturally occurring event, caused by the movement of
convection cell currents, which has the potential to cause loss of life and/or property. The hazard becomes a
disaster when this loss occurs. E.g. Haiti Jan 2010 = 300,000+ deaths
Hazards can be both primary and secondary ­ Primary = Earthquake/Volcano Secondary =
The type of hazard will depend on the plate type and boundary type:
- Plate type: Continental/Oceanic
- Boundary type: Destructive, Constructive, Collisional, Conservative
These events can be modified to reduce the destruction of the event:
- Modifying the event = BEFORE e.g. EQ proof buildings
- Modifying the vulnerability = BEFORE & DURING e.g. evacuation drills/plans
- Modifying the loss = AFTER e.g. emergency services, evacuation response
The park model highlights this...
Key players/factors will affect the management of tectonic hazard threats and strategy success e.g.
Economic wealth and stability of Government
This report aims to.........(report focus).....
The information used was resourced from well-accredited academic experts and organisations such as
National Geographic and the A2 Edexcel Geography Textbook.
1. Management strategies
CASE STUDY = Primary/Primary/Secondary hazards = EFFECTS BEFORE DURING AFTER
EQ,V, T, S
2. Physical vs. Human factors
Plate boundary type Level of country development = MEDC/LEDC
Geographical accessibility of region Population density
Type of hazard ­ scale/magnitude/impact Increased urbanisation
Topography of region Building on marginal land
Climate e.g. monsoon season makes rescue more difficult Capacity to cope/community preparedness
Education and training
Government competence
Scientific understanding and expertise
ATQ after each para in main
How changed over time?

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