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Describe and evaluate two treatments of phobias. (10 marks)

The two main approaches involved with treating phobias are the behaviourist
approach and the psychodynamic approach.

A treatment used in behaviourist approach is systematic desensitisation which
involves a one to one session in which the patient creates a hierarchy of their…

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Contradicting this theory the psychodynamic theory, if a phobia is a result of an
unconscious or underlying issue, systematic desensitisation will not remove the

The other treatment used to cure phobias is Freud's free association treatment
which aims to make the unconscious conscious.

Free association patient talks of whatever…

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took on his paralysis as a way to express her anxiety. After treatment she was
able to understand her fear and confront them and then afterwards she
actually and eventually got over them also.

The strengths of this treatments is that is study is not invasive and participants
suffer no…


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