Translation of Cicero (GCSE Latin Literature passages)

Clodia and Pythius word for word translation. Hope it helps!

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C. Canius, eques Romanus, cum se Syracusas contulisset, dicebat se hortulos aliquos emere velle,
When Gaius Canius, a Roman of equestrian rank, had travelled to Syracuse, he said that he wanted to buy
some small estates,
quo invitare amicos et ubi se oblectare sine interpellatoribus posset.
to which he could invite his friends and amuse himself without intruders.
quod cum percrebuisset, Pythius quidam, qui argentariam faciebat Syracusis,
When this had become well known, a certain Pythius, who ran a bank in Syracuse,
ei dixit se hortos habere, non venales quidem sed quibus Canius uti posset,
said to him that he had some gardens, not admittedly for sale, but which Canius could use,
si vellet, ut suis; et simul ad cenam hominem in hortos invitavit.
if he wished, as his own; and at the same time he invited the man to dinner in his gardens.
cum ille promisisset, tum Pythius piscatores ad se convocavit, et ab eis petivit
When he had accepted, Pythius then summoned fishermen to him, and asked them
ut ante suos hortulos postridie piscarentur, dixitque quid eos facere vellet.
to fish in front of his estate the next day, and told them what he wanted them to do.
ad cenam tempore venit Canius. cumbarum ante oculos multitudo;
Canius came to dinner on time. There was a crowd of fishing boats before his eyes;
pro se quisque, quod ceperat, adferebat; ante pedes Pythii pisces deiciebantur
each man according to his ability was bringing forth what he had caught; the fish were being thrown down
before the feet of Pythius.
tum Canius 'quaeso' inquit' quid est hoc, Pythi? quare tot pisces, tot cumbae?'
Then Canius said "Tell me, Pythius, what is this? Why are there so many fish, so many boats?"
et ille 'quid mirum?' inquit 'quidquid est piscium Syracusis est in hoc loco.'
And he (Pythius) said "What is strange? All the fish of Syracuse are in this place".
incensus Canius cupiditate contendit a Pythio ut venderet. recusavit ille primo.
Canius, inflamed with greed, begged Pythius to sell. He refused at first.
tandem tamen emit homo cupidus et dives tanti, quanti Pythius voluit.
Finally, however, the greedy and rich man bought them for as much as Pythius wanted.
invitat Canius postridie familiares suos; venit ipse mature; cumbam nullam videt.
Canius invited his friends the next day; he himself came early; he saw no fishing boat.
quaerit a proximo vicino num feriae piscatorum essent. 'nullae, quod sciam' inquit
He asked the next door neighbour whether it was a fishermen's holiday. "Not as far as I know" he said
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Canius; sed quid faceret?
but nobody usually fishes here. And so yesterday I was surprised at what had happened." Canius was very
angry; but what could he do?
cum ex nobili genere in familiam clarissimam nupsisses cur tibi Caelius tam coniunctus fuit?
When you had married from a noble family into a very famous household why was Caelius so intimate with
neque enim cognatus fuit neque mariti tui amicus.…read more


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