Topic List for GCSE Unit 3 Edexcel Maths

Topic List for GCSE Unit 3 Edexcel Maths

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Unit 3 Revision List
Percentages ­ increase/decrease using a multiplier
Percentages ­ reverse percentages
Percentage ­ compound interest
Upper and lower bounds
Recurring decimals to a fraction
Reciprocal of a number
Convert, numbers to, and from standard form
Interpreting a calculator display using standard form
Simplifying expressions
Expand and factorise expressions such as 3xy -6y2
Simplify algebraic fractions
Construct and solving linear equations
Solving linear inequalities
Substitute positive and negative values into algebraic formulae
Change the subject of a formula
Interpret real life graphs including distance-time graphs
y = mx + c
Understand the connection between lines that are parallel and lines that are
Find the distance between two points using Pythagoras' theorem
Solve a pair of simultaneous equations graphically
Solve a pair of simultaneous equations using elimination
Solve problems using direct and inverse proportion
Solve quadratic or cubic equations using trial and improvement
Plot the graphs of quadratic functions and find where it cuts the x-axes
Solve quadratic equations by factorising
Solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula
Complete the square for a quadratic function
Find graphically the solutions of linear and quadratic simultaneous equations
Find algebraically solutions of linear and quadratic simultaneous equations
Plot and recognise quadratic, cubic, reciprocal and exponential graphs
Plot trig graphs
Use graphs to solve equations
Reflection; rotation; translation and enlargement
Transformation of curves
Constructions ­ triangle, perpendicular bisector; angle of 60º and 30º
Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry
Pythagoras theorem and trigonometry in 3-D
Sine and cosine rules
Circle Theorems
Area ­ including circle
Volume of prisms including a cylinder
Spheres, cones, pyramids
Similar shapes to find missing lengths, areas and volumes
Compound units including density


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