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Fractions: Multiplication and division
Convert a fraction to a decimal, or a decimal to a fraction
Find the reciprocal of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
Multiply and divide a fraction by an integer and by a unit fraction
Convert a fraction to a…

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y = mx + c
Plot points for linear functions, Interpret m and c as gradient and yintercept in linear functions
Understand that the graphs of linear functions are parallel if they have the same value of m
Know that the line perpendicular to y = mx + c has…

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Draw the graphs of linear inequalities in two variables and interpret the solution sets given by
regions in the coordinate plane, or to identify all the integer coordinates with crosses

Quadratic functions
Find graphically the solutions of quadratic equations, solve quadratic equations by factorising,
use the quadratic formula to solve…

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Match equations with there graphs, sketch graphs of given functions

Understand that 2a is parallel to a and twice its length
Understand that a is parallel to a and in the opposite direction
Use and interpret vectors as displacements in the plane (with an associated direction)

Transformations of graphs…


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