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The region in figure 1 has both economically and geo-politically one of the most strategically
important in the globe. This has occurred due to a whole range of factors including the
globalisation of world trade, the emergence of the counter colonial…

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independence. Taiwan is economically significant to China and is in it's own right the worlds
19th largest economies and home to large TNC's such as Foxcom.

In 2013 the Senkaku islands (Japanese name) became the centre of global attention
highlighting tensions between Japan and China . the 8 uninhabited privately…

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exercises and war games (operation foal) with South Korea in particular are construed as
aggressive and threatening by China and North Korea.

The role of Japan in the war and its previous imperial colonial policies still leads to other
tensions in the area. Japan and South Korea both stake claim…

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technology and copyrights from American to Japanese industry. The Japanese economy then
went through 3 stages of growth initially focusing on heavy industry such as shipbuilding
followed by consumer goods and then High tech digital products. Japan invested heavily in
education. Small one room workshop style industries were encouraged to…

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equity Chinese TNC's do not feature high on global rankings but in terms of size and wealth,
companies like Sinopec appear in the top 10 according to the Fortune 500. Companies like
Lenovo, Foxconn and Huawei although not household names (which help create the cultural
hegemony some countries have) are…

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Growth Report

A criticism of all the economies either currently or historically has been the development of
research and development and technological innovation. The Growth report 2008 identified
key factors for growth including engagement with the global economy, specialising exports
and the transfer of key technologies. It also reported on…

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region will have a huge effect also on the availability of grazing land. The size of the Chinese
market for food can have global implications, In 2013 another Chinese food safety scandal
surrounding infant milk formula led to the emptying of shelves in the UK as a huge import

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In China the number of over 60's is set to double by 2030 (16% of total pop) to 365 million. A
2:1 dependency ratio by 2050 will create a huge burden on China as it faces a 4, 2, 1 syndrome
( a lack of comprehensive pension system means the…

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imports as the worlds biggest consumer has partly caused global prices to rise, It's
involvement in civil wars in both Sudan and Chad were due to securing oil supplies. China is
building ambitious pipelines westwards to Caucasus region. Fracking of natural gases may
also provide improved security but will impact…


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