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English Writing
How to write an article
Words you should and should not use
How to describe places.…read more

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When we write a descriptive article about a place, we can divide it
into four paragraphs
In the introduction we mention the name and location of the place
and the reason for choosing it
In the second paragraph we write about what a visitor can see and do
(sightseeing, museums, shops, etc.)
In the third paragraph we write about entertainment, nightlife and
eating out (clubs and restaurants).
In the conclusion we make general comments and recommend places
to visitors
We normally use present tense in this type of writing.…read more

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Order of paragraphs
The first paragraph: you describe the location
The second paragraph: Places and sites to visit
Things you can do
The final opinion: what you think about the place, why
do you think that etc..…read more

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Words you cannot Use
Examples of these words are:
small…read more

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Words you can use instead
Instead of: Nice/good use:
beautiful, delicious, charming, splendid, wonderful, magnificent,
fantastic, fascinating, delightful
terrible, awful, horrible
huge, large, enormous
tiny, little…read more


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