Writing to Explain and Inform - English Language

Revsion cards that help you to understand how to write informative texts and texts to explain.

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Writing to Inform

What is writing to Inform?

1. Writing to inform simply means telling the reader something as clearly and effectively as possible. 

2. The topics you will probably have to talk about are personal experiences, e.g a significant incident in your life. However the focus will be on giving out clear facts, NOT waffle!

There are many different types of writing to Inform

1. A magazine article informing people about your concerns for the planet. 

2. A letter to a pen-friend telling them about where you live. 

3. A personal account of a school club or event

4. A leaflet on travel tips for a jounery across the Sahara based on your own trip there. 

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Writing to Explain

Explanations tell your audience FIVE main things:

The WHAT...   The HOW...   The WHERE...   The WHEN...   and the WHY...

So what's going on, how it's happening, where and when it is, why it is happening. 

Explanations can take many forms ... 

1. When you explain something break down the detail of a topic and present it clearly

2. Think carefully at who your writing is aimed at and adapt your writing style to this audience

Example Questions may be ...

Choose a time you felt a strong emotion and explain why you felt this way.

Explain what life may be like in your home town in 2050. 

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Use Techniques within your writing... 

  • Use examples to support your text. 
  • Use P.E.A.D, point, evidence, analyse, development to make your writing more convincing. 
  • Use statistics and quotes to back up your points. Technical terms also help you sound knowledgeable. 
  • Use humour when appropiate
  • Choose words carefully, it must be suitable to the audience

Use these phrases when writing to inform or explain...

I would like to inform you of...        It is important to...

There are many kinds of...             One of the main points is...

Compare this with the...

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